Through the all duration of the Odyssee-Mure project, a series of 20 policy briefs will be published in that section. The briefs aim at highlighting key results stemming from the project for the following sectors: industry, buildings, transport and cross cutting. For each sector, one brief will be dedicated to present energy efficiency trends while the others will present best practices in energy efficiency policy.

Cross cuttingIndustryBuildingsTransport

Cross cutting

Multi-level governance: linking up local, regional and national levels to deliver integrated sustainable energy action plans and projects

February 2018

How are Member States implementing Articles 7 and 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive?

March 2017

Technology procurement groups

March 2017

Overall trends in energy efficiency in the EU

February 2017


Impact of the economic crisis on the EU’s industrial energy consumption

April 2017

Improved energy efficiency in Dutch industrial companies through applying regulations more strictly

March 2017

Energy efficiency developments in ETS industry

February 2017

Energy Efficiency Networks

November 2016

Energy efficiency trends in industry in EU countries

July 2016


Buildings and incentives schemes

July 2018

Energy efficiency trends in buildings

June 2018

Interaction between Photovoltaics and Solar Water Heaters in the Residential Sector

May 2018

Policies directed towards heating systems

April 2017

Renovation in Buildings

February 2017

Energy Efficiency and the Public Sector

November 2016


Opportunity of DAFI to ensure a more efficient and sustainable transport in the EU. The Spanish case.

June 2017

Effect of energy efficiency policies in transport ‎in Slovenia

April 2017

Energy efficiency trends in transport in EU countries

December 2016

Are additional economic instruments more appropriate than regulatory testing standards for improving energy efficiency of road transport?

November 2016