07 July 2020
Update and redesign of the MURE database on energy efficiency policies and measure in Europe

The MURE database has been updated with most recent policies and measures that are implemented in EU28 countries and Norway, Switzerland and Serbia. It has been redesigned to improve its user-friendliness and functionalities. The user is rapidly guided to the required information, thanks to an improved front end-user interface and navigation features.

Access the MURE database
25 June 2020
In June 25th the Odyssee-Mure project hosted a live webinar: “Energy efficiency trends in the EU: Have we got off track?” (by L. Sudries and B. Lapillonne, Enerdata).
This webinar addressed the following key questions:
  • What has been the overall trend in final energy consumption and by sector in the EU since 2000?
  • What are the main drivers of the energy consumption variation since 2000, and what has been the impact of energy savings?
  • What are the trends in energy efficiency at the country level?
View the webinar recording online
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23 April 2020
The Odyssee database and the tools on energy efficiency indicators (Key indicators, Market diffusion, Decomposition, Comparison, Energy savings) have been updated.
17 December 2019
The project has organised its first meeting in Berlin on December 16- 17 2019, followed by a training on energy efficiency indicators and impact evaluation of policies.
10 December 2018
New! Dedicated tool on multiple benefits of energy efficiency now available ! visit it here.
Also available reports on the same topic here.

26 April 2018
26-27 April 2018
Third workshop of the project ODYSSEE-MURE, in Austria (Vienna) hosted by the Austrian Energy Agency.
06 October 2017
2015 energy efficiency indicators now available for all EU countries and Norway into the ODYSSEE database.
30 June 2017
Latest 2015 data now available into the ODYSSEE database.
22 June 2017
Second workshop of the project ODYSSEE-MURE (22-23 June 2017), in Malta hosted by "The Energy and Water Agency".
Presentations are available here.
08 September 2016
First meeting of the project “ODYSSEE-MURE, a decision support tool for energy efficiency policy evaluation” (08/09 September 2016).
Presentations available here.
22 May 2015
Fourth project workshop on energy efficiency focusing on buildings and industry (21/22 May 2015).
Presentations available here.
03 October 2014
Third project workshop on energy efficiency focusing on transport, in Croatia hosted by EIHP.
Presentations available here.
17 February 2014
The second project meeting took place in London on 30-31 January 2014 hosted by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) and Ricardo-AEA.
Presentations available here.
05 February 2014
MURE database on energy efficiency measures and policies updated with more than 2000 measures for all EU countries (plus Norway).
03 February 2014
Two new tools on energy efficiency indicators launched
Market diffusion facility: interactive tool presenting market penetration of efficient equipment, buildings or efficient practices in Europe together with the penetration of alternative energies and renewables at end-use level.
Decomposition facility: interactive graphs presenting the drivers of the energy consumption variation by sector.
29 November 2013
Energy efficiency indicators through the ODYSSEE database updated up to 2011.
20 May 2013
The first meeting of the project was organized by STEM in Stockholm on May 16-17 2013.