Specific CO2 emissions of new cars

  • Large discrepancy in the specific emission of new cars among countries: a 30% gap between the two extreme groups of countries: from 105 gCO2/km (3  lowest) to 140 gCO2/km for the 3 highest average.
  • 120 gCO2/km for EU average.
  • 11 countries below 120 g  (Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, France, Malta, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Slovenia)
  • Almost all countries below the mandatory limit of 130g for 2015  for cars manufacturers (except Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia).

Specific CO2 emissions of new cars (2015)

  • Rapid progress since 2007 in all countries, especially in The Netherlands Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Ireland (around or above 4.5%/year) 
  • Progress due to the spread of smaller vehicles, with the implementation of national policies and standards for car manufacturers 

Trends in the specific emissions of new cars