Specific CO2 emissions of new cars

  • Large discrepancy in the specific emission of new cars among countries: a 30% gap between the two extreme groups of countries: from 106 gCO2/km (Netherlands, Malta and Portugal) to more than 130 gCO2/km (Germany, Luxembourg and Estonia).
  • 120 gCO2/km for EU average in 2018.
  • 11 countries below 120 gCO2/km (Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, France, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Spain and Belgium)
  • All countries except Estonia, Luxembourg and Germany are below the mandatory limit of 130g since 2015 for cars manufacturers. However, any country has reached yet the 95g target for 2021.

Specific CO2 emissions of new cars (2018)

  • Rapid progress since 2007 in all countries, especially in Netherlands, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Latvia (above 3%/year) 
  • Progress due to the spread of smaller vehicles, with the implementation of national policies and standards for car manufacturers.

Trends in the specific emissions of new cars