Trends in road transport

  • The consumption of road transport has been decreasing in almost all countries since 2007, except in 8 countries (Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Norway, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria).
  • This trend contrasts strongly with the period before 2007, especially in countries hit by the economic crisis (e.g. Greece, Spain, Latvia, Ireland).

Energy consumption trends in road transport

  • Decreasing consumption of road transport since 2007 (-0,8%/year), after  a rapid progression between  2000 and 2007 (1.4%/year), despite increasing motor fuel prices.
  • The trend since 2007 is mainly explained by the low economic growth (+0.4%/year for GDP) as motor fuel prices have been decreasing (-1.9%/year).

Energy consumption of road transport, fuel prices and GDP (EU)