Energy efficiency trends for households in the EU

  • Energy efficiency, as measured by ODEX, improved by around 29% (2.1%/year) over the period 2000-2017 (ODEX equal 71 in 2017), mainly due to heating. 
  • ODEX aggregates the energy efficiency gains  by end-use measured by the reduction in unit consumption. ODEX is calculated on the basis of 11 end-uses/large appliances : heating (toe/m2) (separation new/ existing dwellings), water heating, cooking (toe/dwelling), cooling, lighting, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and TV (kWh/appliance) 
  • Increasing energy efficiency gains since 2008 at EU level and in almost half of countries, despite the economic crisis,  because of the multiple regulations on buildings and appliances. On the opposite, important slow down for around 10 countries, such as Romania, Slovakia, Norway, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. 

Energy efficiency progress in the EU

Energy efficiency progress in EU countries