Energy efficiency trends for households in the EU

  • Households energy efficiency, as measured by ODEX, has improved by around 29% (1.8%/year) over the period 2000-2019 (ODEX equals 71 in 2019), mainly through improvements in space heating and large appliances. Significant slowdown since 2014.
  • Energy efficiency gains have been decreasing since 2008 at EU level and in 60% of Member States (16/27). This slowdown is very significant in Romania, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. Conversely, gains are accelerating in 11 MS such as Ireland, Portugal Slovenia and Lithuania.

Energy efficiency progress in the EU

  • In most countries, energy efficiency has been progressing much slower since 2014, except Slovenia, Poland, Finland, Croatia and Italy have accelerated the pace of progress.
  • Slovenia, the Netherlands and Luxembourg show the steadiest progress since 2014, higher than 1.7%/year compared to the EU average of 1.2%/year.

Energy efficiency progress in EU countries

Note: ODEX aggregates energy efficiency gains by end-use, measured by the reduction in unit consumption. ODEX is calculated on the basis of 11 end-uses or large appliances: heating (toe/m2, separation between new and existing dwellings), water heating, cooking, lighting, cooling (toe/dwelling), refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and TV (kWh/appliance).