Energy efficiency trends for households in the EU

  • Households energy efficiency, as measured by ODEX, has improved by around 30% (1.7%/year) over the period 2000-2021 (ODEX equals 70 in 2021), mainly through improvements in space heating and large appliances. 

Energy efficiency progress in the EU

  • In most countries, energy efficiency has been progressing much slower since 2014, except Slovenia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Croatia and Italy, who have accelerated the pace of progress.
  • Slovenia and Luxembourg have demonstrated the steadiest progress since 2014, with rates exceeding 2%/year, more than twice the EU average of 1% per year.

Energy efficiency progress in EU countries

Note: ODEX aggregates energy efficiency gains by end-use, measured by the reduction in unit consumption. ODEX is calculated on the basis of 11 end-uses or large appliances: heating (toe/m2, separation between new and existing dwellings), water heating, cooking, lighting, cooling (toe/dwelling), refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and TV (kWh/appliance).