Trends in freight traffic

  • Increasing traffic of goods until 2007, with a good correlation with GDP.
  • After a sharp decrease between 2007 and 2010, the traffic of goods has remained rather stable since 2010 despite recovery of the economic growth.

Trends in freight traffic and GDP (EU)

Unequal situation among countries:

  • In  12 countries, the traffic intensity (traffic per unit of GDP) has been increasing before the crisis and has been decreasing after, with a very sharp reduction after 2007  in Ireland and Portugal;
  • In 12 countries, there is a reduction of the traffic intensity since 2000, with for some of them a much larger reduction since 2007 (e.g. Italy, Spain and Sweden);
  • In 2 countries, there is a steady increase since 2000 of the traffic intensity (Lithuania and Latvia) and in 2 others a stabilization (Norway and The Netherlands).

Freight traffic per unit of GDP