Energy efficiency trends of final consumers

  • Energy efficiency of final consumers improved by 1.1%/year between 2000 and 2021, with a net slowdown since 2014 (0.8%/year, compared to 1.2%/year between 2000 and 2014).
  • The largest gains are for households (1.7%/year since 2000), although progress has been halved since 2014 (1%/year against 2%/year previously).
  • A similar slowdown is visible for industry since the economic crisis (0.9%/year since 2008 against 1.5%/year previously).
  • Slower improvement in transport (0.7%/year), with, however, a strong acceleration since 2018 (1.1%/year).
  • Energy efficiency in services has improved at an average pace of 0.6%/year since 2010.

    Energy efficiency trends of final consumers (EU)

    • In most countries, energy efficiency has also been progressing much slower since 2014. Only Italy is improving faster since 2014.
    • Estonia, Slovenia, and Ireland show the steadiest progress since 2014, higher than 1.4%/year, compared to the EU average of 0.8%/year.

    Energy efficiency trends of final consumers (All countries)