Primary consumption and GDP

  • Slight progression of the primary consumption since 2014  (0.4%/yr), about 6 times slower than GDP, after a decrease of 1.6%/yr between 2007 and 2014 (consumption at normal climate). 
  • Regular and rapid decrease of the primary energy intensity since 2007 (-1.8%/year, and -1.4%/year since 2014).

Primary consumption and GDP trends (normal climate) in the EU

Annual growth rate of primary consumption (normal climate) and GDP trends (EU)

  • Decreasing trend of the primary consumption in most countries since 2007: between -1 and -2 % per year in 11 countries.

  • In 9 countries strong contraction of consumption despite rapid economic growth, implying a rapid intensity decrease (>-2.5%/y)

Primary consumption (normal climate) and GDP trends (2007-2017)