Primary consumption and GDP

  • Strong reduction of the primary consumption since 2007 (-1.3%/year, against 0.6%/year over 2000-2007), although the GDP remain quite low (+0.4%/year, against 2.3%/year from 2000 to 2007).
  • As a result, primary energy intensity has decreased by around 1.6%/year since 2000

Primary consumption and GDP trends (normal climate) in the EU

Annual growth rate of primary consumption (normal climate) and GDP trends (EU)

  • Decreasing trend of the primary consumption in most countries:

                - Strong reduction, between -2 and -4%/yr in 12 countries;

                - Between -1 and -2%/yr in 11 countries

  • In 10 countries strong contraction of consumption despite rapid economic growth, implying a rapid intensity decrease (>-2,5%/yr).

Primary consumption (normal climate) and GDP trends (2007-2015)