Drivers of final energy consumption variation

  • In 2021, final energy consumption (936 Mtoe) is slightly higher than in 2000 (+18 Mtoe).
  • This is the result of two contradictory effects. On the one hand, an activity effect (evolution of the value added of services and agriculture, of the production index of industry, of the traffic in transport, of the number of dwellings and their size as well as of the number of appliances used by the households) which increased the final energy consumption by 180 Mtoe.
  • On the other hand, technical energy savings reduced consumption by about 211 Mtoe.
  • Structural effects (mainly the transition to less energy-intensive branches in industry) had a marginal effect (-5.5 Mtoe).
  • Climate differences (2000 being warmer than 2010) contributed to increase consumption by 11 Mtoe.
  • Other effects, mainly linked to greater comfort, and other behavioral changes increased consumption by 44 Mtoe.

Variation in final energy consumption 2000-2021 (EU)