Drivers of energy consumption variation

  • In 2017, the final energy consumption remains at the same level than in 2000 (1133 Mtoe).
  • This results from two contradictory effects, on the one hand:

    o    An activity effect (change in value added in industry, services and agriculture, in traffic in transport, in number of dwellings and appliances as well as the size of dwellings for households) which increases the final energy consumption by 219 Mtoe;

    o    A climatic effect in households and services;

    o    Other effects (mainly behaviors for households)

  • On the other hand:

    o    Technical energy savings decreased the consumption by around 244 Mtoe.
    o    Structure effects (in industry, modal shift in transport) which tends to decrease the consumption by 10 Mtoe;

Variation in final energy consumption (EU)