Energy efficiency trends in paper industry

  • Around half of the EU MS have seen a decrease in the specific consumption per ton of pulp and paper and other half have seen an increase. At EU level, the level is roughly stable.
  • The largest reduction is observed in The Netherlands and Spain (respectively 2.5% and 2.2%/year since 2000).
  • These trends are influenced by energy efficiency but also by variation of the share of pulp produced in the country.
  • Differences among countries also depend on the level of pulp production.

Specific consumption of paper and pulp

  • There is a decreasing share of pulp production over total paper and pulp production in most countries over time, with huge difference among countries: from 1% for Netherlands to more than 50% in Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden) as well as in Portugal.

Ratio pulp/paper production in EU countries

  • The lower the share of pulp is, the lower the average energy consumption per ton of pulp and paper production is, on average.

Specific energy consumption per tonne of pulp and paper (2019)