Energy efficiency trends in paper industry

  • There is a regular decrease of the specific consumption per ton of pulp and paper in most countries (-0.3%/year at EU level from 2000 to 2017).
  • The largest reduction is observed in The Netherlands and Spain (> 2%/year since 2000).
  • These trends are influenced by energy efficiency but also by variation of the share of pulp produced in the country.
  • Differences among countries also depend on the level of pulp production.

Specific consumption of paper and pulp

  • There is a decreasing share of the ratio pulp production over paper production in almost all countries over time.
  • The lower the pulp/paper ratio, the lower the average energy consumption per ton of paper is.
  • A ratio >100% means that countries export pulp - this is for instance the case of Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  • Comparison among countries of specific energy consumption per ton of paper should be made at similar level of pulp/paper ratio.

Ratio pulp/paper production in EU countries