Energy consumption trend by industrial branch

The decrease of energy consumption concerns most industrial branches… however with different magnitudes

  • Chemicals, steel, paper and non-metallic industries contribute to more than 60% of industry energy consumption in the EU. Chemicals is the largest consumer (20% in 2019), followed by steel (17%), paper and non- metallic minerals (13% each).
  • Energy consumption of steel and non-metallic minerals have strongly decreased since 2000 (-29% and -24% respectively). Textile energy consumption has dropped by 62%.
  • In 7 branches, energy consumption has been rising again since 2014, after a reduction over 2007-2014.

Energy consumption of industry by branch (EU)

  • At country level, the situation is very different from one country to another. Chemicals is the main industrial consumer of industry in 7 EU Member States, as well as in the UK and Switzerland. Paper and pulp is the most important branch in Scandinavian countries and Portugal. Steel is an important consuming branch in some central and eastern European countries.

Energy consumption by industrial branch (2019)