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European Monitoring Tools for Energy Efficiency

November 2014

arrow ODYSSEE data base updating to 2012
The ODYSSEE database on energy consumption, their drivers and energy efficiency indicators has been updated to 2012. Ask for a free access to the database (EU ministries and institutions, universities for academic purposes) or trial version.

The interactive mapping tool with 30 key energy efficiency indicators has also been updated.
View indicators.

arrow Most recent data on efficient technologies and practices in Europe
Market diffusion facility: The on-line interface enables users to get recent data related to the penetration of efficient cars and cars using alternative fuels, efficient modes (rail and water transport for freight, public transport for passengers), bioenergy by sector, efficient heating equipment (heat pumps, condensing boilers, pellets), solar water heaters.

arrow Update of the MURE database on energy efficiency policies and measures in Europe
The MURE database has been updated with most recent policies and measures that are implemented in EU28 countries. The database contains more than 2000 detailed measure descriptions, many of them with impact evaluation.

All policies that have been proposed by the Member States in their 3rd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) are gathered in this unique database.

Access to the database.

arrow Related publications
    • An analysis of recent energy efficiency trends in the transport sector has shown that around 40% of the reduction
      observed since 2007 in the energy consumption of transport is due to the economic recession, with a decrease
      in freight traffic and the stability of passenger traffic, and almost 60% to energy savings, mostly for passenger
      cars as there has been almost no energy efficiency improvements for road freight transport, because of the
      reduction in traffic (empty running and low load factor).
      Access to the analysis or View the full set of graphs updated on transport.

    • The MURE database has also been used in an evaluation of the 2020 gap to the EU energy efficiency target
      of 20%. View the publication.

    • Evaluation of energy efficiency progress in Germany. This report analyses the variations of the energy
      consumption in Germany by sector and underlines the main drivers of the energy demand with respect to the
      energy efficiency targets of the German “Energiewende”. View the report.

    • IEA in collaboration with the ODYSSEE-MURE partners has published two manuals, one on
      fundamentals on statistics for the calculation of energy efficiency indicators (view manual), one other one for
      policy makers (view manual).

arrow National publications based on the ODYSSEE-MURE results
    • Publication of the Annual Book on Energy in Spain (La Energía en España) published by the Ministry of Industry.
      View the publication.

ODYSSEE logo ODYSSEE: Unique database on energy consumption, their drivers and energy efficiency indicators for all EU countries (and Norway) updated to 2012.
MURE logo MURE: Database on energy efficiency policies and measures. Valuable and trusted policy tool including recent measures proposed in the 3rd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan.
MURE logo Analysis report on energy efficiency: reports, country profiles, sectoral profiles etc, freely available on the ODYSSEE website.
Project Workshop

Third project workshop on energy efficiency focusing on transport, in Croatia hosted by EIHP. View presentations.

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