Monitoring EU Energy Efficiency First Principle and Policy Implementation

Newsletter n°1 - February 2020

Energy efficiency indicators up to 2017 for all EU countries, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland

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The Odyssee database on energy consumption, its drivers and energy efficiency indicators has been updated to 2017 (and 2018 for some countries).

Ask for a free access to the database (EU ministries and institutions, universities for academic purposes) or trial version.

Four data tools available on the Odyssee-Mure website have been updated

Key indicators: Selection of around 30 energy efficiency indicators displayed in a datamapper.
Key indicators
Decomposition tool: Displays the various factors behind changes in energy consumption.
Decomposition tool
Comparison tool: Compare easily energy efficiency performance of one country with selected reference countries for the last year available 2017.
Comparison tool
Market Diffusion tool: Data on the diffusion of energy efficiency and end-uses renewables technologies and practices.
Market Diffusion tool

Publications from countries


Energy efficiency in Poland

The report on energy efficiency in Poland evaluates energy efficiency progress during the 2007-2017 period and gives an overview of energy efficiency policies and measures. It was prepared by Statistics Poland, a partner in the project, based on data of the Odyssee database.

Trends and prospects of energy efficiency development in Slovenian industry

The paper published in Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems journal describes the energy efficiency trends in Slovenian industry using energy efficiency indicators developed in the Odyssee-Mure project (e.g. energy efficiency index called ODEX). Jozef Stefan Institute, the Slovenian partner of the project, is one of the author.

Energy efficiency trends in Switzerland

The paper published in Energy journal describes the evolution of energy efficiency in Switzerland in the 2000-2016 period using the methodology developed during the Odyssee-Mure project. The co-authors coming from University of Geneva and Fraunhofer Institute are directly implied in the project.

Publications on greening the built environment

TNO, the Netherlands partner of the project, have published three reports presenting a review of energy efficiency policies to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the services and households sectors for some EU countries. These reviews used the Odyssee-Mure databases.

Energy efficiency of Finnish pulp and paper industry

The study conducted by Motiva, the Finnish partner of the project, assesses the energy efficiency of the Finnish pulp and paper sector, especially compared to other countries, and hereto related estimates presented by the IEA, JRC and Odyssee-Mure.

News from the project


Project workshop

The new Odyssee-Mure project has been launched for the 2019-2021 period in December 2019 in Berlin.

Project training

The Odyssee-Mure network will organise several trainings on energy efficiency monitoring and evaluation until 2021. A first session has been organised in December 2019 in Berlin.

More information about next training sessions: contact us (only for public authorities !)
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Unique database on energy consumption, its drivers and energy efficiency indicators for all EU countries (+ Norway, Serbia and Switzerland) updated to 2017.
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Database on energy efficiency policies and measures. Valuable and trusted policy tool including recent measures by country.
Mure database is being redesigned, it will be available soon.
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Analysis report on energy efficiency

Reports, country profiles, sectoral profiles etc, freely available on the ODYSSEE website.