ODYSSEE and MURE Newsletter  
ODYSSEE & MURE Newsletter
European Monitoring Tools for Energy Efficiency
July 2012
New analysis of Energy Efficiency Trends in the Industry sector published on the Odyssee website: Energy efficiency improved by almost 12% (1.5%/year) in EU industry over the period 2000-2008 but deteriorated in 2009 due to the economic crisis. In 2010, despite the rebound of activity, energy efficiency in industry is not back to its historical trends, mainly because of a progressive recovery along the year.   Read more

Latest Analysis from the Transport Sector: Despite deterioration in the efficiency of freight transport in 2009, the transport sector was 17% more energy efficient in 2009 than in 1990. Most of the gains come from cars, thanks to measures on new cars that have been clearly reinforced since 2007. On average in the EU, cars consumed 2 litres/100 km less in 2009 than in 1990.   Read more

Main findings on Energy Efficiency in EU: An overview of the measures implemented and of recent energy efficiency trend in Denmark has been presented in the fourth ODYSSEE MURE workshop organized by DEA in Copenhague in June 2012. Overview presentations of the main findings in terms of energy efficiency and consumption trends and of policy measures in the EU have also been discussed. The presentations can be seen on the website.   Read more

ODYSSEE MURE Database Updates

Odyssee Database:
Around 150 energy efficiency indicators are calculated in the ODYSSEE database for 27 EU countries plus Norway and Croatia. More information

Data and indicators will be updated to 2010 in August 2012.

Data Mapper for Key Indicators:
An interactive tool has been developed to visualize a selection of ODYSSEE key indicators by means of a map.   View indicators

Energy Efficiency Trends in Europe:
A selection of sectorial graphs describing energy efficiency trends in EU countries are available on the website.   View latest trends

MURE Database:
The MURE database includes detailed descriptions of over 1800 energy efficiency policies & measures in the EU and all Member States by sector, including those of the Second National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP). Access database

News from National Teams
# IDAE (Spain) published 2 reports using ODYSSEE indicators: one comparing energy intensities among main EU countries (available here) and one on sectoral energy efficiency indicators (available here).
# IDAE also prepared a chapter for the Annual Book on Energy in Spain (La Energía en España), published by the Spanish Ministry of Industry (MINETUR), using comparison indicators based on ODYSSEE data (chapter 8).
# The Swedish Energy Agency used ODYSSEE indicators in one of their publications: facts and figures are also available here.
Related Projects
The European Environment Agency (EEA) updated its indicator factsheets compiling various indicators from the ODYSSEE project by sector:
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About Odyssee & MURE:
This project is coordinated by ADEME with the assistance of Enerdata for the ODYSSEE indicators and Fraunhofer-ISI for MURE. It is funded under the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme of the European Commission and administered by EACI, the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation.