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European Monitoring Tools for Energy Efficiency

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In the framework of the EU project ODYSSEE-MURE, the consortium has developed several interactive tools to support the analysis on energy efficiency trends observed in EU countries and allow for an easier communication of results.

Tools on indicators aim at enabling a broader dissemination of energy efficiency indicators as calculated in the ODYSSEE database. Tools on policies and measures based on the MURE database enable the user to query policy measures and identify the most successful measures by country, sector or end-uses.

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Odyssee One User-friendy datamapper aiming at monitoring progress in the market penetration of energy efficient technologies and practices.

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Odyssee Market Diffusion
Odyssee Two Analysis of the variation of the energy consumption over a given period into various drivers (e.g. economic growth, lifestyles, energy savings).

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Odyssee Decomposition
Odyssee Three Enables to compare the performance of a country with selected countries by sector through adjusted indicators to make the comparison more meaningful.

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Odyssee Benchmarking
Odyssee Four Compilation of historical data, targets and projections for the primary and final energy consumption as well as energy savings.

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Odyssee Saving
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Mure One This facility enables the user to query policy measures in selected topic areas as e.g. buildings, SMEs, energy management or consumer behaviour. This should help to better link the design of new policy initiatives in these areas to already existing measures.

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Mure Topics
Mure Two This facility aims at identifying successful and promising energy efficiency policies in the Member States based on a set of clearly defined criteria. A new functionality is introduced in MURE for their easy retrieval.

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Mure Policies
Mure Three This facility characterizes packages of policy measures addressing a specific end-use in a user-friendly way. Interactions between individual measures are quantified which allows both an impact evaluation of single policies and of the net impact of policy packages.

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Mure Interaction
Mure Four This facility dynamically visualizes the whole set of energy efficiency policies aiming at a given targeted end-use. The policies are linked to ODYSSEE impact or diffusion indicators addressing the same end-use in order to show the direct relationship between energy efficiency policies and indicators of progress.

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ODYSSEE logo ODYSSEE: Unique database on energy consumption, their drivers and energy efficiency indicators for all EU countries (and Norway) updated to 2012.
MURE logo MURE: Database on energy efficiency policies and measures. Valuable and trusted policy tool including recent measures proposed in the 3rd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan.
MURE logo Analysis report on energy efficiency: reports, country profiles, sectoral profiles etc, freely available on the ODYSSEE website.
IEE logo Co-founded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union.