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February 2014

arrow ODYSSEE MURE newly designed website
The website of ODYSSEE-MURE has been redesigned with a new visual design to ease the navigation and gather all data tools in a single website dedicated to both for indicators and policies. View website.

arrow ODYSSEE energy efficiency indicators updated to 2011
ODYSSEE data on energy consumption, their drivers and energy efficiency indicators updated up to 2011. Visualize the 30 key energy efficiency indicators through an interactive mapping tool available.
View indicators. More information about database.

arrow ODYSSEE new datatools
Market diffusion facility: interactive tool presenting market penetration of efficient equipment, buildings or efficient practices in Europe together with the penetration of alternative energies and renewables at end-use level.
Decomposition facility: interactive graphs presenting the drivers of the energy consumption variation by sector.

arrow Energy efficiency trends in buildings Europe
Energy efficiency of households improved by 20% since 2000: this saved the equivalent of the total consumption of households for water heating, electrical appliances and lighting. The effect of the economic crisis can be seen on the electricity consumption trend of both households and services. More details are available through a selection of graphs describing energy efficiency trends in the household sector and service sector.

arrow Related publications
    • A comparison of UK performance on international indicators based on ODYSSEE data: View publication.

    • Main insights of energy efficiency trends in Poland (Statistical office in Poland, GUS): View publication.

    • Entranze data tool: User-friendly data mapping tool which provides in-depth analysis of the buildings stock
      in EU-28 (+Serbia).

    • Factsheets on energy efficiency trends in the EU, European Environment Agency, 2013. View publication.

    • EEA report on "Trends and projections in Europe 2013 – Tracking progress towards Europe's climate and
      energy targets until 2020". View publication.

    • Press release from Fraunhofer ISI, Germany on energy efficiency indicators: View press release.

    • Publication of the main findings of the previous ODYSSEE-MURE project in Spanish: View article.

ODYSSEE logo ODYSSEE: Database on energy efficiency for all EU countries (and Norway). Unique database in Europe with data provided by national energy agency or their representatives up to 2011.
MURE logo MURE: Database on energy efficiency policies and measures. Valuable and trusted policy tool including recent measures proposed in National Energy Efficiency Action Plan.
MURE logo Analysis report on energy efficiency: reports, country profiles, sectoral profiles etc, freely available on the ODYSSEE website.
Transfer of ODYSSEE indicators outside Europe

    • Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco (Medener
      project); expansion under discussion to other
      Mediterranean countries with EU and AFD.
    • Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay,
      Uruguay, Costa Rica, Mexico, on-going
      Cepal/Eclac BIEE project: Access to the
      interactive user-friendly data mapper

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