Agenda First meeting, Zagreb, April 24-25 2023 (236 KB)
Welcome address (Didier Bosseboeuf, ADEME, France) (471 KB)

Session 1: Energy efficiency policy in Croatia

Energy and climate objectives of the Republic of Croatia (Višnja Grgasović, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Croatia) (579 KB)
Energy efficiency indicators for Croatia (Vlatka Kos Grabar Robina, EIHP, Croatia) (4.61 MB)
Monitoring, reporting and verification of energy savings in Croatia (Vesna Bukarica, EIHP, Croatia) (1.98 MB)
Energy efficiency financing programs of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (Aleksandar Halavanja, Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Croatia) (698 KB)

Session 2: Energy efficiency policies in Energy Community Parties

Energy efficiency status and policies in the Energy Community (Anja Rosenberg and Borko Raicevic, Energy Community Secretariat) (1.23 MB)
Energy efficiency in Montenegro (Aleksa Culafic, Ministry of Capital Investments, Montenegro) (695 KB)
Energy efficiency in Kosovo (Naim Zeqiri, Aurora Popova, Energy Efficiency Agency, Kosovo) (607 KB)

Session 3: Monitoring energy efficiency progress through top-down indicators (ODYSSEE)

Recent energy efficiency trends in the EU (Joseph Bon-Mardion, Enerdata, France) (794 KB)
Recent energy consumption trends (2022) in Germany (Iska Brunzema, Niklas Reinfandt, Fraunhofer, Germany) (836 KB)
Focus on data collection and indicators for the transport sector (Laura Sudries, Enerdata, France) (559 KB)

Session 4: Assessment of energy efficiency policy measures (MURE)

Database on sufficiency measures and usefulness for MURE (Mahsa Bagheri, Fraunhofer, Germany) (2.83 MB)
Impacts of energy efficiency measures which came up through the crisis of Ukraine (Regina Betz, ZHAW, Switzerland) (640 KB)
Emergency measures in Finland (Lea Gynther, Motiva Oy, Finland) (1.82 MB)
Energy poverty mitigation in Europe: Potential role for renewable energy communities (Marina Alves, ADENE, Portugal) (3.45 MB)
EEO scheme in Hungary (Ármin Bőhm, MKEH, Hungary) (919 KB)