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This project gathers representatives from the 28 EU Member States plus Norway. It aims at monitoring energy efficiency trends and measures in Europe, using on two complementary internet databases: ODYSSEE on energy efficiency / CO2 indicators, including detailed data on energy consumption, activities and related CO2-emissions (around 1000 data series by country) and MURE on energy efficiency policy measures, including their impact (around 2000 measures).

Latest News
Latest News
08 September 2016
First meeting of the project “ODYSSEE-MURE, a decision support tool for energy efficiency policy evaluation” (08/09 September 2016).
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Next Webinar
31 May 2017
This webinar will present the improvement of energy efficiency in Dutch industrial companies due to more strict application of regulations. It is based on the Improved energy efficiency in Dutch industrial companies policy brief.
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Latest publication
Impact of crisis on industrial energy consumption
Key questions
  • To what extent is the decrease in the EU’s industrial energy consumption after the economic crisis due to energy efficiency improvements (as measured through the ‘unit consumption’ of industrial branches)?
  • What has been the impact of changes in production level of industrial branches?
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Effect of energy efficiency policies in transport ‎in Slovenia
Key questions
  • What are the main energy efficiency trends and savings in transport in Slovenia?
  • What are the main drivers of the transport’s energy consumption variation since 2000?
  • What is missing in Slovenian energy efficiency policy for transport sector?
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