Session 1: Energy efficiency policies in Malta, Chair: Maltese government

Energy Policies in Malta (Sandro Lauri, OPM Energy and Water agency) (1.14 MB)
Energy efficiency policies in Malta (Charles Buttigieg, OPM Energy and Water agency) (286 KB)

Session 3: WP3 - Assessing EU and MS energy efficiency policies (MURE), Chair: Alessandro Federicci, ENEA

Good practice impact evaluation: case study 1 : tender on Energy efficiency in public administration (ECO.AP) (Adene Portugal) (912 KB)
Good practice impact evaluation: case study 2 : The German energy efficiency fund (Barbara Schlomann, FHG ISI, Germany) (541 KB)

Session 5: WP5 - External capacity building on policy monitoring and analysis, Chair: Anna Liisa Kaar, Riccardo, UK

Policy Brief „Energy efficiency approaches in the Public Sector” (Lea Gunther, Motiva, Finland) (465 KB)
PUBLEnEF: Supporting PUBLic Authorities to Implement Energy Efficient Policies – Goods practices and roadmaps (Fotini Karamani, CRES) (963 KB)
Energy Efficiency Programme for the Irish Public Sector (Denis Dineen, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) (1.02 MB)
Policy brief „Economic instruments for improving energy efficiency in road transport” (Reinhard Jellineck, AEA, Austria) (2.84 MB)
Opportunity of DAFI to ensure a more efficient and sustainable transport in the Eu, The Spanish case (Pilar de Arriba, IDAE, Spain) (891 KB)