Welcome address by Finnish government (905 KB)

Monitoring of energy efficiency progress in Member States through top-down indicators

Experience of Finland in CHP statistics for CHP (Minna Niininen, Statistical Office, Finland) (214 KB)

Finish Efficiency Policies and Implementation

Energy Efficiency Policies in Finland (Heikki Väisänen, Energy Authority, Finland) (546 KB)
CA EED – discussions and outcomes regarding monitoring issues (Ulla Suomi, Motiva, Finland) (671 KB)

Assessment of energy efficiency policy measures : case studies

ProKiloWatt Programme in Switzerland (Regina Betz, ZHAW, Switzerland) (1.05 MB)
New Latvian Energy Efficiency Law and Alternative measures (Ivars Kudrenick, IPE, Latvia) (502 KB)

Development of new tools on multiple benefits of energy efficiency for capacity building

Multiple benefits in the Dutch Energy Outlook (Caspar Tigchelaar, ECN, Netherlands) (975 KB)
Behavioural change of public employee: it is our ”No lift days” project. (Alessendro Federici, ENEA, Italy) (1.11 MB)