Latest energy efficiency trends and polices in the EU (D Bosseboeuf, ADEME) (238 KB)

Session 1: Energy efficiency policies in Austria, Chair: Austrian Energy Agency

Energy Efficiency Policies in Austria (Heidelinde Adensam, Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, Head of department Energy Balances and Energy Efficiency) (360 KB)
Policy brief from Austria on heating systems (Naghmeh Altmann-Mavaddat, Austrian Energy Agency) (772 KB)
Energy efficiency trends in Austria (Christoph Ploiner, Austrian Energy Agency) (443 KB)

Session 2: WP2 - Monitoring energy efficiency progress in EU MS through top-down indicators (ODYSSEE), Chair: A Guilmot

Status of ODYSSEE database updating (K Pollier, Enerdata, France) (251 KB)
What's new with ODYSSEE tools (K Pollier, Enerdata) (530 KB)
Results of the supply-side indicators and way forward (J Gerdes, ECN) Comments from L Gynther, MOTIVA (635 KB)

Session 3: ODYSSEE-MURE Scoreboards, Chair: Didier Bosseboeuf

Indicator and policy scoreboards (B Lapillonne & K Pollier, Enerdata, B Schlomann & W Eichhammer, Fraunhofer ISI) (648 KB)

Session 4: WP3 - Assessing EU and MS energy efficiency policies (MURE), Chair: A Federici

Status of MURE database update (B Schlomann, Fraunhofer ISI) (806 KB)
Good practice impact evaluation: The introduction of Near Zero Energy Buildings in the residential sector (F. Conrod, MyEnergy) (381 KB)
Presentation of the Multiple Benefits Facility and how can we make use of it? (B Schlomann / W Eichhammer, Fraunhofer ISI) (866 KB)

Session 5: National Case Studies, Chair: Peter Bach, DEA

Energy efficiency and policies in the household sector (Tsvetomira Kulevska, SEEA, Bulgaria) (1 MB)
Energy efficiency and policies in the services sector (Inge Roos, TTU, Estonia) (841 KB)
Methodology for estimating energy efficiency savings for different measures in the Irish latest NEEAP (Denis Dineen, SEAI, Ireland) (1.42 MB)
Energy efficiency and policies in Hungary (Aniko Palffy, MEKH, Hungary) (966 KB)
In-Depth Assessment of the Energy Efficiency Potential in Residential Buildings in Cyprus (Theo Zachariadis, CUT, Cyprus) (1.89 MB)
The Danish Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (Morten Ladegaard Petersen, DEA, Denmark) (253 KB)