Part 1: Understanding Energy efficiency indicators
Presentations made by Enerdata: Bruno Lapillonne, Karine Pollier and Laura Sudries

ODYSSEE-MURE, a decision support tool for energy efficiency policy evaluation (904 KB)
Introduction: needs of stakeholders for indicators (446 KB)
What are the different energy efficiency indicators? (972 KB)
How to analyse energy efficiency trends by sector? (1024 KB)
How to benchmark energy efficiency trends and levels by sector? (1.1 MB)
Calculation of energy savings and decomposition of consumption variation (1.22 MB)

Part 2: Evaluation of Energy efficiency policies

Introduction: Needs of stakeholders for policy evaluation (Wolfgang Eichhammer, Fraunhofer ISI) (368 KB)
Methodological approach to energy efficiency policy evaluations (Wolfgang Eichhammer, Fraunhofer ISI) (372 KB)
Energy efficiency in public administration: case of Portugal (Emanuel Delgado, ADENE) (1.14 MB)
Competitive tenders for electricity efficiency: The Swiss «PROKILOWATT»-Programme (Kurt Bisang, Swiss Federal Office of Energy) (939 KB)
Energy efficiency policy evaluation: experiences from Germany (Dr. Georg Maue, Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy) (836 KB)
The ODYSSEE-MURE facility of Multiple Benefits (Wolfgang Eichhammer, Matthias Reuter, Barbara Schlomann, Fraunhofer ISI) (879 KB)
Presentation of the COMBI project on Multiple Benefits (Nora Mzavanadze, Manchester University) (7.79 MB)
Energy Efficiency Multi-benefits assessments through modelling: the French experience with the 3 ME model (Didier Bosseboeuf, Gael Callonnec, ADEME) (950 KB)