ODYSSEE and MURE Newsletter
ODYSSEE and MURE Newsletter
European monitoring tools for energy efficiency
November 2011
Lastest analysis from the industrial sector : Severe drop in industrial energy consumption of industry in 2009 (-15%). No more progress in energy efficiency in that sector since 2008 with the industrial recession. Before the crisis, energy efficiency improved significantly, by 30% between 1990 and 2008, at EU level. CO2 emissions from energy combustion dropped by 16% in 2009 at EU level, which represents about 40% of the whole reduction since 1990 and 2009. Read more.

Lastest analysis from the households sector : The average energy consumption per dwelling decreased sharply in most EU countries in 2009. It is below its 2000 level in almost 2/3 of countries in 2009. Energy efficiency improved by 23 % at EU level in the household sector between 1990 and 2009 (1.4%/year on average) mainly because of significant energy efficiency gains for large electrical appliances (27%) as well as for space heating (25%). Read more.

Second National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) : So far, almost all EU Member States have submitted their 2nd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) in accordance with the EU Directive on Energy Efficiency and Energy Energy Services (2006/32/EC) Read more. Until December 2011, the energy efficiency measures from the 2nd NEEAPs will be included and described in detail in the MURE database (click here to access to the MURE website.)

ODYSSEE MURE Project Updates

Odyssee database

Around 150 energy efficiency indicators are calculated in the ODYSSEE database for 27 EU countries plus Norway and Croatia.

2009 updating for detailed data and indicators by country. Aggregate 2010 data is also available.
For more information on the full ODYSSEE data base, follow this link.
For the major data revisions compared to the previous updates, follow this link.

Data mapper for 26 selected indicators

A new tool has been developed to visualize through a map a selection of ODYSSEE key indicators. These 26 key indicators are free and are available after registration on the web site. Follow this link.

MURE database

MURE database includes detailed descriptions of more than 1800 energy efficiency policies and measures in the EU and all Member States by sector.

Restyling of the MURE database

The MURE database on energy efficiency policies has been completely restyled during the last months. The new software offers many additional functionalities for the users. In particular, it allows a comparative analysis of the NEEAP measures by Member States in a quick and easy way. Click Here to access the website.

Case studies of interesting measures

Some interesting measures have been presented during the third ODYSSEE MURE project in October 2011, among which :

News from national teams

DECC has published 3 articles using ODYSSEE data which are published on their Energy Efficiency Statistics website (under International Energy Efficiency Statistics)
Read More

The Swedish Energy Agency has used ODYSSEE indicators in one of their publications: Facts and figures (in English) are available here and the report (in Swedish) here .
Related Projects

EEA, The European Environment Agency has compiled various indicators from the ODYSSEE project in 4 fact sheets by sector.

The Odyssee database feeds the European Commission's Energy Market Observatory System (EMOS) database. This database is used by the Market Observatory for Energy to make analyses supporting energy policy making. More information on the Market Observatory.


About Odyssee and MURE
This project is coordinated by ADEME with the assistance of Enerdata for the ODYSSEE indicators and Fraunhofer-ISI for MURE. It is funded under the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme of the European Commission.

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