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June 2015

arrow Publication: Trends and Policies in the Households and Tertiary sectors

The ODYSSEE MURE project has released a new report evaluating the energy efficiency progress achieved in buildings since 2000 at EU level. The report has also looked at the success and failures of the implementation of EU Directives and national energy efficiency policies and measures.

Visible energy efficiency improvements in EU buildings despite a slowdown since the economic crisis.

One of the main outcome is the significant impact of the variety of measures implemented: the overall energy savings at EU level can be estimated at 70 Mtoe in 2013 for the household sector, i.e. 21% of the consumption: this is the equivalent to the total consumption for water heating, electrical appliances and lighting. Without these savings, i.e. with the performance of buildings and appliances of 2000, the energy consumption of households would have been 70 Mtoe higher in 2013.

The economic crisis has however slowed down the savings because of a lower rate of construction of new efficient buildings and lower sales of more efficient new appliances. Consequently, the pace of energy efficiency improvements at EU level has slowed down from an average rate of 1.9%/year from 2000 to 2008 to 1.5%/year between 2008 and 2013.

The historically rapid growth in electricity demand has also been affected by the crisis as the average electricity consumption per household has decreased in many countries since 2008.

Although EU legislation is a major driver of the policies and measures implemented in buildings, further attention to the implementation of EU legislation is needed in several areas: building renovation strategies, where there is room for improving the existing strategies; energy certificates, where a better visibility and reliability is needed; and public procurement, as energy efficiency is not yet systematically integrated into public procurement processes; and the production of renewable electricity in buildings, while the use of heat pumps and solar heat has grown considerably due to policies and measures implemented.

The key messages of this report are available here.

The full report can be downloaded here.

arrow National publications based on the ODYSSEE-MURE results
Latest analysis published by DECC in the UK related to international comparisons of energy efficiency indicators using the ODYSSEE data.

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